Africa faces a continuously changing global trade environment, bringing new challenges and opportunities for increasing growth and reducing poverty. The proliferation of regional trade agreements…

Souleymane Coulibaly, Woubet Kassa, Albert Zeufack |

Could 3D printing become a sustainable way to close the global housing gap in urban areas? From Malawi to Mexico, construction companies are utilizing 3D printing technology to break new ground on…

Luis Triveno, Olivia Nielsen |

Developing countries can take advantage of the metaverse by using immersive technologies in education and training.

Randeep Sudan, Oleg Petrov, Garima Gupta |

We’ve learned a few important lessons along our own migration journey, and this has been a key motivation for me to proudly work on migration and social inclusion at the World Bank.

Ana I. Aguilera |

In the presence of credit constraints, the effect of increased trade openness on wealth distribution depends on financial development in the economy.

Dheeraj Chaudhary |

The author’s experience financing IFC infrastructure and energy projects served as the foundation to develop DC Green Bank’s approach to novel underwriting standards and financing structures for…

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This blog discusses the debate about the trade-off between investor protection in the private market and promotion of entrepreneurial activity.

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Stock market participation decision in socially-connected counties could affect the focal county’s stock market participation decision.

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In a changing climate—with more frequent, longer lasting, or extreme wind, rain, snow, cold, and heat—how can urban planning and design influence our mobility choices? And how can city governments…

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As a historic infrastructure bill winds its way through the U.S. legislative process, professor and author Scott Myers-Lipton offers five lessons he considered the most important when studying the…

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