Qualitative researchers gain critical insights about a given research question based on interactions with people, observation, and participation in the target community. For us, the COVID-19 lock…

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This blog is a biweekly feature highlighting recent working papers from around the World Bank Group. It introduces five papers published from March 16 to March 31 on various topics, including…

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We’ve learned a few important lessons along our own migration journey, and this has been a key motivation for me to proudly work on migration and social inclusion at the World Bank.

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A Temporary Protection Status for Venezuelan Migrants Initiative provides Venezuelans with legal immigration status and access to education, health, housing, and employment opportunities on equal…

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While great strides in poverty reduction have taken place in Colombia in the last decade, the number of people living below the poverty line increased by 6.8 percentage points since the start of…

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A new study assesses the integration in Brazil of migrants from Venezuela. It shows that despite having few legal barriers, they are facing challenges in accessing education, formal jobs and…

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Ensuring better integration of refugees into host communities and longer-term investments in both refugees and their hosts.

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The world’s largest migration crisis today may no longer be in the Middle East or Africa but in Latin America, where 4.8 million people have already fled Venezuela’s political and economic crisis…

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Migrants and refugees face the same limitations to basic infrastructure and other government services long endured by local communities.

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Newly released estimates from satellite data show a 3% increase in global gas flaring globally in 2018 to 145 billion cubic meters (bcm).

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