Despite major strides in improving education in Vietnam, inequalities persist. There are wide differences among socioeconomic groups with regards to education completion, the quality of the…

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As we celebrated International Youth Day on August 12 , we reflect on the progress made in ensuring that the youth of Vietnam are on a pathway to greater upwards economic mobility.

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With extensive coastlines, many island nations, and low-lying territories, the East Asia and Pacific region is highly susceptible to climate-related disasters. The region has developing and…

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With nearly 10,000 inhabited islands, there are thousands of diverse island communities across Southeast Asia facing the challenge of beaches covered in plastic. Photo: Shutterstock/

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The World Bank currently supports Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Lao PDR with the registration of land rights in rural areas, including various forms of technical assistance on…

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After engendering one of the world’s most successful economic transformations of the past 25 years, Vietnamese institutions must be modernized. They have become a major impediment to the nation’s…

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Energy subsidies are proliferating as governments try to shield consumers from rising and volatile energy prices — but these come with significant risks.

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The question Vietnam now faces is how to reach high income status through higher productivity and protection of Vietnam’s and the world’s global assets.

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine threatens the uneven recovery of East Asia and Pacific. The invasion comes on top of the economic distress caused by the lingering COVID-19 pandemic, the financial…

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