The Paris Agreement is the main instrument governing the global response to climate change. Governments can align resources and incentives through their public sector budgets to achieve national…

Saša Eichberger, Kai Kaiser, Darejan Kapanadze, Kakhaberi Mdivani |

GovTech – the use of the latest technology to modernize the public sector -- has great potential to deliver on the promises of the digital age by improving core government systems and services to…

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The ability to move independently, comfortably and without interruptions is a basic right, and we must consider all architectural design and adaptability measures which may grant full…

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Mobile government (mGov) offers developing countries several benefits for their citizens including financial inclusion, wider access to services and improved government social accountability.

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Learn about Austria’s transition from e-Government (eGov) to mobile government (mGov), and how this transition can help improve efficiency and effectiveness of government services.

Khuram Farooq, Peter Kustor |

How data and digitalization are key to effective water sector performance and World Bank collaboration in the Danube Region

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To help workers transition to this new normal, governments need to continue implementing strong actions to support workers.

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  The Richtersveld Community Conservancy on the south border of the Richtersveld National Park in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. Photo: John Hogg/World Bank  This week I was at the G7…

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A few weeks ago, The Economist published an article on economic governance that discussed the importance of public sector accounting. It recognized the importance of maintaining existing public-…

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