Facing the biggest education crisis in a century, commitments to improve must become a reality urgently if children are to gain the future they deserve in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Across the Caribbean, farmers are worried about improving their production, and food shoppers are worried about the high cost of food prices. While international food prices have decreased…

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Recognizing this duality, the World Bank is partnering with Caribbean governments to invest nearly USD 500 million in renewable energy projects to catalyze the clean energy transition by 2025.

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Many Caribbean countries simply do not collect data to measure and monitor poverty and inequality.

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Blue Ports support the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods, and healthy ocean ecosystems. The World Bank has looked at the potential of this model in five…

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The rising prevalence of non-communicable diseases is pressuring countries and health systems in the Caribbean at a rate of epidemic proportions.

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About three-quarters of the population in Latin America and the Caribbean uses the Internet. The World Bank studies 24 countries in the region and provides three main findings on household digital…

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Find out how World Bank’s podcast Get REDDy is enabling Indigenous Peoples to share their experience reducing deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) with their peers around the globe.

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New Evidence from Telephone Surveys Provides Insights for Increasing COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance and Uptake in the Caribbean

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Energy subsidies are proliferating as governments try to shield consumers from rising and volatile energy prices — but these come with significant risks.

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