While China's vehicle fleet is growing rapidly, there is hope that the rise of electric mobility might help limit the environmental impact. But will that be enough?

Jung Eun “Jen” Oh |

Institutions matter for growth and prosperity, today more than ever. What specific set of institutions are optimal or desirable for economic growth? Do countries need to build strong institutions…

Alma Kanani, Marco Larizza |

Remote work has changed our mindsets on the future of work across all layers of society. Countries, public institutions, and businesses will have to address multiple challenges in preparing for…

Samia Melhem, Andrea Carugati, Astrid Herdis Jacobsen, Joseph El-Cassabgui, Tala Khanji, Zaki Khoury |

In the presence of binding financial regulations and opaque market structures, the bad bank model with little oversight on NPL transactions can incentivize banks to devise transactions to simply…

Ben Charoenwong, Meng Miao, Tianyue Ruan |

As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2021, we are about a year into an unprecedented health and economic crisis that has destroyed lives and livelihoods globally and in the East Asia and…

Victoria Kwakwa |

An international investor should be concerned about the influence of smaller Chinese banks on financial stability and take their systemic and individual riskiness into account.

Ilias Chondrogiannis, Eugene Nivorozhkin |

As part of its own health reform process in recent years, China has sought to transition its health care delivery system toward one that is more people-centered, high quality and integrated with…

Dinesh Nair |

Two small pilot projects in China show how technology is bringing new opportunities to community-level urban regeneration.

Wanli Fang |

The experience over 1998–2004 suggests that market-based instruments may have been less effective than the PBC had hoped due to incomplete development of the financial sector.

Michael Geiger, Steven Pennings |

Changes in China’s exchange rate policy were an important complement to institutional reforms.

Michael Geiger, Steven Pennings |