While the right to work and to freely choose employment is a critical human right included in the UDHR, to this day, women in 19 economies cannot get a job in the same way as men.

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Women, Business and the Law show that governments still have room to improve to ensure that every woman has access to essential domestic violence services for free

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In November 2022, Mozambican women made their voices heard in the streets of Maputo, calling to end violence against women and increase respect for their rights. The march kicked off the…

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To address gender disparities in trade, policy interventions are critical. This includes boosting women’s participation in fields like STEM, which are traditionally male dominated but face lower…

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While India has made significant strides in enacting laws to protect women, the effective implementation of these laws remains a challenge.

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. Findings from the 2023 Women, Business and the Law 55-economy pilot data set reveal that countries have a long way to go before women can realize their theoretical rights and opportunities under…

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Fifty-one percent of countries around the world mandate equal remuneration between men and women, yet in all countries women are paid less than men, and at the global level the gender wage gap is…

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The Women, Business and the Law team brought together civil society and nongovernmental organizations, representatives of the private sector, and law practitioners from São Tomé and Príncipe and…

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Since 2021, 18 economies introduced a total 34 reforms toward gender equality, the lowest number since 2001.

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