The Global Economic Outlook June 2023 summarized in five charts

Dominik Peschel, Philip Kenworthy |

The global infrastructure financing landscape is a showcase of contrasting realities. Meridiam Co-Founder Julia Prescot highlights key areas crucial to the GIF’s continued success to help close…

Julia Prescot |

Strengthening the competitiveness of Morocco’s exporting and import-competing firms lies at the core of the efforts needed, requiring reforms and investments that go beyond the narrow realm of…

Pierre Sauvé, Uri Dadush |

The global value chain (GVC) revolution then completely changed the nature of FDI and its potential effects on economic growth.

Agustin Benetrix, Hayley Pallan, Ugo Panizza |

Unemployment, underutilized skills, informality, and crime are symptoms of a stagnant economy, where job opportunities are scarce and poverty and vulnerability run rampant.

Norman Loayza |

Nearly 75 percent of account owners in the West African economic and monetary union (WAEMU) own a mobile money account.

Leora Klapper, Mazen Bouri |

A new type of corporate entity called Simplified Joint Stock Companies is formed quickly, flexibly, and with simpler procedures.

Christian De la Medina Soto |

South Asia, battered by three years of upheaval from the COVID-19 pandemic and spillovers from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, faces a combination of good and bad news for its economies. On the…

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Catastrophe bonds, also known as #catbonds, brings diversification to investment portfolios and provides robust performance in good and bad times. What could a cat bond for a Central Asian country…

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