To meet their development goals, policy-makers in developing countries must prioritize a major funding push, together with policy reforms grounded in a sound macroeconomic framework. A new book –…

Shahrokh Fardoust, Stefan Koeberle, Moritz Piatti, Lodewijk Smets, Mark Sundberg |

In Rwanda and around the globe, this groundbreaking move, backed by the World Bank, opens up new avenues for private capital mobilization and sustainable development. Let’s delve into why this is…

Alwaleed Alatabani, Niraj Verma, Miguel Navarro |

Moussa bought his first SIM card in 2011 to keep in touch with his family Kati, a rural community in Mali. He had moved to Timbuktu, and the mobile phone was his only connection to home. Almost a…

Maimouna Gueye |

Small firms dominate the economies of developing countries. This phenomenon occurs in all sectors, but it is particularly salient in the retail sector.

Diana Sverdlin Lisker, Daniel Ramos-Menchelli |

As we strive to end poverty and maintain a livable planet, redirecting private financial flows is as critical as enhanced government action.

Fiona Stewart |

The World Bank supports cybersecurity skills development initiatives in developing countries to help close the cybersecurity skills gap and enhance cyber resilience as a catalyst for socio-…

Ghislain de Salins, Anat Lewin |

More than 760,000 Venezuelan migrant women live in Peru. Community kitchens have become a space for integration with Peruvian culture.

Greta Granados de Orbegoso, Paula Sierra Velez, Alonso Mesía Macher |

The Latin America and Caribbean region pulsates with youthful potential yet grapples with a formidable challenge - youth unemployment and unskilled labor.

Gioser Marcela Murillo Zúniga, Nelly Amairany Hernández Valdez, Raphael Yolson Louis, Achelis Benjamin Santana Javier |

The West African Economic and Monetary Union community, which comprises Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal, and Togo, is facing a deficit of decent housing of…

Mazen Bouri |