How the Government, World Bank, and United Nations are Working Together to Deliver and Strengthen the State in Somalia

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After decades of accelerating globalization, since 2008 international trade has grown at roughly the same pace as economic activity in developing economies. The trade slowdown has been even more…

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Sub-Saharan Africa is more urbanized than commonly realized. Most of Sub-Saharan Africa’s urban dwellers live in dense cities rather than towns.

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The case for agrifood system transformation is clear. The blog discusses seven relevant financing sources that could be tapped into to move to a global agrifood system that, besides being…

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Behavioral sciences can help increase women's participation in natural resource management. Read about this case in Mexico.

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Risks and hazards are particularly relevant in El Salvador, one of the most risk-exposed countries in the world. Extreme climatic events, such as earthquakes or floods, make the country especially…

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International trade—a key engine of global prosperity since the fall of the Berlin Wall— has ground nearly to a halt and is set to remain anemic in the coming years. In 2023, trade in goods and…

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Back in 2018, one of the mentors, Dr. Amrita Bahl, who was also a senior colleague on the board of Care for Air, held up a glass of muddy water and another of clear water and asked which one I…

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After struggling to recover from the shocks of the 2010 earthquake and Hurricane Matthew in 2016, Haiti’s economic development continues to be hampered by political instability, institutional…

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The invasion—coming at a time of accelerating global inflation and elevated debt—was a tragedy for Ukraine and caused widespread misery elsewhere , especially in developing countries.

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