We do know that plastic pollution must end. . This is a story that started as an environmental crisis, and quickly became an economic and health crisis.

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In the near term, the World Bank estimates that addressing climate change, conflict, and pandemics in developing countries will cost $2.4 trillion in public and private spending per year through…

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As Mexico’s exports rise, more workers get formal employment, which offers benefits and job security.

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The World Bank Board just approved the recommendation to set up the IDA Crisis Facility, which will scale up support for the world’s poorest countries. It will help address worsening development…

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Imagine a world where every girl and woman and can manage her periods with dignity and without hindering her education, health, sense of self-esteem, social mobility, and economic opportunities.…

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Check out some of the findings of the World Bank’s annual report on the State and Trends of Carbon Pricing, a global snapshot of carbon pricing developments year to year.

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The World Bank’s metals and minerals price index rose 10 percent in the first quarter of 2023. Price increases reflected positive sentiment about stronger demand amid supply disruptions for some…

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CIWA is exploring ways to better align its transboundary water cooperation efforts with biodiversity conservation goals, including identifying opportunities at the intersection of transboundary…

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Learn about risk screening, a key step in the process of adapting to climate change and building resilience to shocks.

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