Despite a steady increase in Albania's agricultural output over the past several decades, the country continues to trail behind its neighbors. The seemingly obvious obstacles preventing…

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The invasion—coming at a time of accelerating global inflation and elevated debt—was a tragedy for Ukraine and caused widespread misery elsewhere , especially in developing countries.

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Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Rapid increase in defaults poses a threat to financial stability of the two economies. From a social standpoint, excessive debt can decrease households’ disposable…

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National Bank of Kyrgyz Republic issued Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Guidelines for the banking sector to adequately manage the risks and recommends how banks can integrate ESG into…

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In Türkiye, out-of-court procedures were in the spotlight during the summer of 2018, which was the beginning of a convulsive period for the country’s economy.

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The pace at which technology is reshaping economies and societies is unprecedented––technological progress will be the most critical factor in defining productivity and economic growth.

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Are climate change adaptation efforts inclusive of persons with disabilities? A World Bank team draws on original fieldwork and interviews in Uzbekistan to document a range of social…

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The global landscape of private investments in infrastructure has witnessed a dynamic shift in recent years. The Private Participation in Infrastructure 2023 half-year report shows overall…

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From Hollywood screenwriters fearing job loss to Google's Med-PaLM 2 surpassing human doctors, AI is reshaping industries, and its impact on jobs and growth is a nuanced story with little…

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To address increasing climate impacts, the Western Balkans must tackle the four major challenges that have continued to affect the farming communities.

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