The squalor of slums, unsustainability of sprawl, and sterility of skyscrapers are persistent challenges for community leaders and urban planners. Instead, they call for livable neighborhoods with…

Somik Lall, Mathilde Lebrand, Hogeun Park |

The world is currently at a crossroads. Today, there are roughly the same number of working-age people in both Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. Yet by 2050, the picture will look very different.

Samik Adhikari, Helen Dempster |

When roads are damaged by natural hazards, the cost is far more than just the effects on the infrastructure. Lives can tragically be lost, and timely emergency response and reconstruction are…

Daniel Kull, Ko Takeuchi, Marinos Skempas, Faridun Sanginov |

Reducing air pollution will improve people’s health, reduce GHG emissions, achieve billions in economic gains across Central Asia, and save thousands of lives each year.

Lilia Burunciuc |

A new World Bank study found that in Serbia today, women rely on public transportation more than men.

Svetlana Vukanovic, Nato Kurshitashvili, Karla Gonzalez Carvajal |

Meaningful digital connectivity, that is, connectivity that is available, accessible, relevant, affordable, safe, trusted, and user-empowering, is a necessity in today’s world —and increasingly, a…

Lilia Burunciuc |

How can Kazakhstan’s ambitious carbon neutrality goal by 2060 be reconciled with energy-driven economic growth?

Jean-François Marteau |

Everyone wants a quick recovery from the COVID-19 economic crisis. This crisis has hit the transition economies of emerging Europe and central Asia (henceforth ECA transition EMDEs) particularly…

Sudharshan Canagarajah, Martin Brownbridge |

To increase tax revenues, Tajikistan is striving to improve the efficiency of tax administration, and as such, since 2013, the country has been receiving support from the World Bank-financed Tax…

Raul Felix Junquera-Varela, Maya Gusarova, Anna Custers |

Digital innovation has enormous potential to solve real-world problems. But connectivity remains essential to drive innovation in emerging markets. How can we ensure access to international…

Joulan Abdul Khalek, Anselm Dannecker |