To ensure that the Sri Lanka Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Project was inclusive, we listened to the voices of diverse women, especially those in areas where poverty rates are high and…

Aroha Bahuguna |

Lower electricity consumption implies lower economic activity. The two are closely linked and with the help of some assumptions it is possible to provide an approximation of the economic costs…

Robert C M Beyer, Sebastian Franco Bedoya, Virigilo Galdo |

This week, public health experts discuss the risks of obesity while fighting COVID-19 and the impact of the pandemic on essential health services for women and children.

Priyanka Ripley |

As one of Afghanistan's major development partners, the World Bank remains committed to helping the country in the fight against COVID-19, and stand by the Afghan people, who remain resilient…

Henry G. Kerali |

At the start of this year, most universities in Bangladesh lacked basic learning management systems and digital infrastructure. Now the country has risen to the challenge making all teaching and…

Mokhlesur Rahman, Mustahsin-ul-Aziz , Shazia Omar Ahmed |

Our assessment of India’s air quality trends has found another underlying and positive trend: air quality has been improving across the country since 2018, and this has nothing to do with the…

Urvashi Narain, Rochelle Glenene O'Hagan, Varun Kshirsagar, Emmanuel Skoufias |

COVID-19 impacted almost all countries including India, which in July 2020 had the world’s third-highest number of cases. In the state of Odisha, with over 41 million people, the Odisha State…

Yamini Sarangi, Shanker Lal |

While staying home prevented them from contracting coronavirus, survivors of gender based violence (GBV) faced a different kind of ‘shadow pandemic’.

Jaya Sharma |

The time to act is now, for Pakistan to take its place with the countries that have transformed within a single generation.

Illango Patchamuthu |

The World Bank Group has developed a set of ethics principles for private health providers as they face enormous financial pressures due to the pandemic.

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