On Desertification and Drought Day, Bringing Integrated Drought Risk Management to the forefront in Southern Africa

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describes a paper where cash transfers have positive impacts on economic and psychological outcomes while a psychotherapy intervention has none

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Individual-disaggregated survey data on economic outcomes—including employment, time use, asset ownership, and access to financial services—are critical to understanding and addressing mutually…

Ardina Hasanbasri, Talip Kilic, Gayatri Koolwal, Heather Moylan |

While new housing & construction technologies can help cut waste and reduce GHG emissions, they are unlikely to make a dent in the global housing crisis, unless accompanied by four key changes…

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The Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) continues to monitor the impact of COVID-19 on the national population through Uganda High-Frequency Phone Survey on COVID-19 (UHFPS). The survey recontacts…

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The Government of Lesotho has spearheaded several innovations in health. These innovations have been translated into more health service utilization that might have contributed to the improvements…

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A new study compares a soft skills focused business training versus a hard skills curricula for secondary school youth in Uganda. Both were quite successful in improving skills and income.

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Many communities across Africa still lack access to an all-weather road. A recent World Bank study shows drones can help fill the gap and deliver essential goods or services to isolated…

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The flow of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to Africa has shifted over the past decade, as new sources of investment have emerged and new sectors have expanded.

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