Amidst the renowned tea fields of Sri Lanka, a subtle yet significant shift is underway – one that promises a brighter future for the children growing up on these plantations.

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Early childhood education lays the foundation for a child's lifelong learning journey and is vital to fostering their cognitive, social, and emotional development. Investing in Early…

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Myanmar’s education sector has faced disruptions. Between February 2020 and February 2022, public schools in Myanmar were closed for a staggering 532 days, making it the country with the longest…

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Like many parents globally, Djiboutian families are preparing their children for the start of the new school year. An increasing number of five-year-old girls and boys will have the chance to go…

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Around the world, nearly 1 in 5 youth ages 15-24 are unemployed, or part of the labor force but without a job. Among children ages 10-19, 1 in 7 experience a mental disorder.

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On May 15 this year, we were in Baghdad on what was a very special day for 350 primary education children. We had traveled north of the city with the World Bank education team for the opening…

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Pakistan ranks the worst in South Asia on nutrition key indicators for under-five children. Over 40 percent of Pakistan’s under-five children are stunted, as compared to the South Asian average of…

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Over the past two decades, early childhood development has become an important policy priority on the global human development agenda.

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We explain educational reforms in the Dominican Republic, where all kind of participants had a say, including representatives from civil society, academia, private sector, and international…

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The early years of life are critical for children’s physical, cognitive, and socioemotional development, and for shaping their future and ensuring they can reach their full potential.

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