Central banks put more weight on safety and liquidity than on return to respond to the potentially higher reserve need.

Carmen Herrero, Philip Dongsoo Hong, Daniela Klingebiel, Robert Lucas, Marco Ruiz |

There is growing recognition that scalable safety nets can help households cope with weather events and other shocks by providing immediate support afterwards.

Edward Archibald, Boban Varghese Paul, Chipo Msowoya, Massimo Sichinga, Alejandra Campero |

While there has been ongoing discourse about COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among African citizens, this is in sharp contrast to the relative silence on hesitancy from a political standpoint.

Veronique Kabongo, Omer Zang |

COVID-19 has been a major set-back for the global economy with more than 100 million people pushed into extreme poverty. Up to 130 million people could be pushed into poverty by 2030 due to…

Juergen Voegele |

How do the world’s leading education experts recommend the education sector should respond to Covid-19?

Charlotte Watts, Jaime Saavedra, Robert Jenkins |

Remote data-collection during COVID 19: Thing of the past or the way of the future?

Sharon Wolf, Elisabetta Aurino, Autumn Brown, Edward Tsinigo, Richard Murphy Edro |

Vaccine hesitancy: 10 lessons from chatbotting about COVID-19 in 17 countries

Benu Bidani, Rekha Menon, Son Nam Nguyen, Renos Vakis, Zeina Afif |

During the crisis unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic governments were able to respond to hardships like never before. They used social protection tools like cash transfers, unemployment benefits,…

Carlos Felipe Jaramillo |

How action can help millions of children orphaned by COVID-19

Laura Rawlings, Philip Goldman |

Sixty eight percent of households that depend on agriculture in Nepal will face severe consequences as a result of COVID-19, making it a critical issue for policy makers.

Karishma Wasti, Paul Christian, Gogi Grewal, Tanay Balantrapu, Odbayar Batmunkh |