This blog dives into the quest to understand the gap in total factor productivity between advanced and developing economies. It revisits the missing middle hypothesis by taking advantage of…

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There is a need to boost aid effectiveness. In the wake of the multiple overlapping crises the world is grappling with today, we have seen billions of dollars channeled by donors to recipients.…

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Performance based financing (PBF) links funds or payments to service providers to results achieved and gives them considerable autonomy in using these funds.

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As Vietnam’s economic success in the last decades has improved lives for most, the challenge of including ethnic minority populations from remote and mountainous areas in the benefits of growth…

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Our World Bank report on climate change budget tagging offers a detailed review of climate change budget tagging methodologies and practices.

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The management of State-Owned Enterprise (SOEs) performance may be one of the most important factors for some economies coming out of the COVID-19 crisis.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world and how governments operate forever and presents new opportunities to improve government accounting practices.

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In a post COVID-19 pandemic world, Fiscal Councils could help governments refocus on sustainable public finances because of their 6 unique characteristics and functions.

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International investments between the North and South expanded faster than within the North. Financial integration within the South itself has grown even faster. However, the role of the South in…

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