Violence in schools profoundly affect children, often for the rest of their live. The statistics are staggering. One in three students in secondary schools is affected by physical violence, and…

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A training program combining technical knowledge, leadership development and on-the-job practice is boosting women’s careers and business performance in Vietnam.

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Immediate investments are needed to reduce permanent losses and position human capital for economic recovery.

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The best way out of this crisis would be one in which the region can overcome the low growth that persisted before the pandemic, and that allows it to enter a path of greater development with…

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South Asia has been hit hard by the COVID19 pandemic. Countries need to prepare for future shock and re-envision the delivery of essential services such as health, education, and social protection…

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On this World Information Society Day, Georgia has embarked on an important journey to bring more of its citizens online. The Government’s Open Net program, which seeks to connect about 1,000…

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Cambodia has achieved significant economic growth and secured key health indicators since 1980—when it was left with only 50 doctors. The country is climbing steadily toward obtaining universal…

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World Bank Group President David Malpass summarizes some of the events he had a chance to attend or speak at during the 2021 Spring Meetings.

David Malpass |

Learn how the World Bank is supporting countries to design sustainable vaccine storage and delivery systems.

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In India, road crashes are intrinsically linked to the victims’ class, gender, income and geographical location.

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