Data analysis is one key way in which AI can help promote access to housing in emerging markets. AI can help promote access to housing in emerging markets is through Building Information Modeling…

Simon Walley, Olivier Vidal, Olivia Nielsen |

While editorial boards of economic journals focus primarily on reproducibility, the code accompanying an economic publication should be written in a way that allows readers to understand the logic…

Michael M. Lokshin, Zurab Sajaia |

Türkiye provides a great example of how a modern ecosystem for social assistance payment delivery is essential to building back better and creating a resilient society.   

Ahmet Fatih Ortakaya, Oya Ardic, Minita Varghese |

Digital transformation could go a long way towards addressing several of Guinea Bissau's fragility drivers, particularly by boosting financial inclusion.

Daniel Nogueira-Budny |

Our annual PPP summer reading list includes thought-provoking articles for beach or hammock reading, such as conquering the fear of failure, achieving gender equality, improving collaboration, and…

Geoffrey Keele |

The World Bank Group’s Identification for Development (ID4D) Initiative, a program that helps countries realize the transformational potential of digital identification, launched the Mission…

Seth Ayers, Faher Elfayez |

Developing countries must build cybersecurity de-risking mechanisms to identify and mitigate the cybersecurity/technology-related risks in their digital development projects.

Francesca Spidalieri, Melissa Hathaway |

Digital technology though a source of emissions, offer solutions to the climate crisis.

Zaki Khoury, Jisoo Lee |

Developing countries can take advantage of the metaverse by using immersive technologies in education and training.

Randeep Sudan, Oleg Petrov, Garima Gupta |