Digital transformation could go a long way towards addressing several of Guinea Bissau's fragility drivers, particularly by boosting financial inclusion.

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Our annual PPP summer reading list includes thought-provoking articles for beach or hammock reading, such as conquering the fear of failure, achieving gender equality, improving collaboration, and…

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The World Bank Group’s Identification for Development (ID4D) Initiative, a program that helps countries realize the transformational potential of digital identification, launched the Mission…

Seth Ayers, Faher Elfayez |

Developing countries must build cybersecurity de-risking mechanisms to identify and mitigate the cybersecurity/technology-related risks in their digital development projects.

Francesca Spidalieri, Melissa Hathaway |

Digital technology though a source of emissions, offer solutions to the climate crisis.

Zaki Khoury, Jisoo Lee |

Developing countries can take advantage of the metaverse by using immersive technologies in education and training.

Randeep Sudan, Oleg Petrov, Garima Gupta |

Powered by AI, countries can have incredible potential to solve complex development challenges and expand access to innovative services.

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With EdTech models gaining traction among learners, there is a huge potential to leverage innovative digital platforms and business models to improve the access, relevance, and quality of…

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Digital development and tech is important to the Maldives development

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