We explain educational reforms in the Dominican Republic, where all kind of participants had a say, including representatives from civil society, academia, private sector, and international…

Diego Luna-Bazaldua, Monica Yanez Pagans, Juan Baron |

The early years of life are critical for children’s physical, cognitive, and socioemotional development, and for shaping their future and ensuring they can reach their full potential.

Diego Luna-Bazaldua, Adelle Pushparatnam, Tamara Arnold Urzua, Marie-Helene Cloutier |

As we commemorate the International Day of Education this month, the 2023 theme “to invest in people, prioritize education” – it is all the more crucial for the countries of the Middle East and…

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Liberia’s education strategy for the next five years will focus on further reducing the overage student population and ensuring more children can access a quality education at the appropriate age…

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In 2021, the World Food Programme’s Impact Evaluation Unit teamed up with WFP’s School-Based Programme division and the World Bank’s Development Impact Evaluation (DIME) department to launch the…

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Quality early childhood education (ECE) is one of the most important investments societies can make to help children build strong foundations that will support a lifetime of learning.

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Since 2018, Morocco has been implementing a large program to broaden access to quality preschool education. In just a few years, the country significantly increased the number of children in pre-…

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In Lebanon, 60% of women still cite “childcare responsibilities” as the main reason why they do not join the workforce. Despite a high educational attainment, with 64% of women having completed at…

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In the last decade, the Dominican Republic has significantly increased its public investment in early childhood education.

Andrea Rolla, Carmen Maura Taveras, Paola Patricia Polanco Santos, Santa Cabrera, Sang Pons |

The challenges of repetition and dropout in primary school: quality early childhood education (ECE) in Senegal

Ibrahima Samba, Abdallah Sow, François Faye, Mamadou Soumbounou, Sidy Bâ, Ablaye DIA |