While some countries managed to limit learning losses during the pandemic, recent research shows that school closures frequently have a large, persistent, and unequal effect on learning. This…

Harry A. Patrinos, Emiliana Vegas, Rohan Carter-Rau |

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has the largest gender gap in learning poverty among regions with available data. Learning poverty is defined as the proportion of children unable to…

Mahmoud Elsayed, Aidan Clerkin, Vasiliki Pitsia, Nayyaf Aljabri, Khaleel Al-Harbi |

Forward thinking, focused, and inclusive investments in human capital are sorely needed to support the path to recovery in Sri Lanka.

Hartwig Schafer |

This year in Lebanon, going back to school is a long-awaited event after prolonged school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nathalie Lahire, Hana El-Ghali, Farah Asfahani, Sherin Varkey |

A stimulation intervention for young, malnourished children leads to adults who are better educated and have significantly higher earnings.

Markus Goldstein |

Literacy is a foundational skill which is critical for all children to acquire; it’s the doorway to other skills and subjects.

Jaime Saavedra, Jennie Albone |

The World Bank’s Early Learning Partnership (ELP) launched the Early Years Fellowship in 2016 to build capacity within countries and develop the next generation of leadership to scale-up…

Melissa Kelly, Alisa Currimjee |

This blog introduces eight papers published during the weeks of January 18 and 25 on various topics including gender and the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Here are the highlights of select findings.…

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Sri Lanka is the South Asia region’s top performer in terms of human development outcomes. This is the result of the country’s commitment and long-track record of achievements in health and…

Chiyo Kanda |

COVID-19 has put Indian children at even higher risk of extreme poverty and malnutrition. At the same time, the lockdowns have increased the time fathers spend at home. In this new reality, how…

Anurag Banerjee, Piya Bhalla, Sayan Kundu, Ellen Moscoe |