In the context of rising public debt levels, debt transparency has become of critical importance for several reasons: creditors need to fully assess the debt sustainability of their potential…

Diego Rivetti |

The novel coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on lives around the world, and while it’s still too soon to comprehend the full impact of COVID-19 in terms of capital flows and debt, it’s clear…

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In a letter to the Governors of the World Bank Group, President David Malpass provided an update on World Bank Group deliveries, as well as other efforts over the past year.

David Malpass |

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, developing economies have suffered unprecedented capital outflows. To reverse these outflows and make debt and investment more productive, it is critical to embrace…

David Malpass |

Even with policy support, the economic repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic are expected to be long-lasting.

Dana Vorisek |

Government financial statements prepared on an accrual basis provide richer information to help inform COVID-19 decision making.

Srinivas Gurazada, Dmitri Gourfinkel, Alexander Metcalfe, Arman Vatyan |

Foreign direct investment and global value chains in the wake of COVID-19. Part II. Lead Firms of Global Value Chains Continue to Make Agile Adjustments

Christine Zhenwei Qiang, Yue Li, Yan Liu, Monica Paganini, Victor Steenbergen |

Governments need to review and adjust insolvency frameworks to reflect the unique circumstances of the COVID-19 crisis.

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We must mobilize our boldest response ever to overcome the worst crisis in generations.

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