Having hovered around 10 percent for over 20 years, female labor force participation (FLFP) in urban Pakistan is among the lowest in the world. To investigate why, our teams met with groups of…

Silvia Redaelli, Noor Rahman |

Evidence shows that ECE sets a strong foundation for later learning, helps make education systems more effective and efficient, and is an effective strategy for promoting economic growth.

Adelle Pushparatnam, Elaine Ding |

Learning trajectories through primary school: Lessons from a low-income setting

Natalie Bau, Andres Yi Chang, Jishnu Das |

Before the pandemic, there was a widely held notion that technology will revolutionize the field of education.

Tracy Wilichowski, Cristobal Cobo |

A new collaboration between the World Bank and Education 4.0 will facilitate partnerships between the public and private sector and foster collaboration between international and regional…

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Menstrual health and hygiene (MHH) can increase female empowerment at a critical stage of a girls’ life. Evidence shows that multi-sectoral solutions yield the most impact.

Jennifer J. Sara, Caren Grown, Sarah Keener, Gaia Hatzfeldt, Gloria Kuoh |

While most countries have reopened schools for some in-person instruction, subsequent COVID19 outbreaks have prompted lockdowns and more closures, suggesting that the recovery of learning is…

Samira Halabi, Alaka Holla, Ezequiel Molina |

The current approach to COVID-19 vaccination – using limited vaccine supplies to protect low-risk populations in a handful of countries while low- and middle-income economies wait indefinitely for…

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Mr Alex Kakooza is the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) in Uganda. His role is to ensure that resources for education are made available to all districts across…

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How can countries implement low tech remote learning? Using the experiences from Edu Radio and Edu TV in Sierra Leone and Pakistan to develop Knowledge Packs

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