With the pandemic, ensuring reliable power for health facilities becomes vital. Diverse technology options are available for distributed renewable energy. The HOMER Powering Health Tool can help…

Alan David Lee, Andrea Arricale |

A new book takes stock of what the decarbonization of the world economy means for fossil fuel–dependent countries.

Grzegorz Peszko, Amelia Midgley, Dimitri Zenghelis, John Ward |

Increasing female economic participation and improving women’s access to good quality jobs are focus areas of the World Bank Group Gender Strategy. However, lack of sex-disaggregated data remains…

Pamela Baldinger, Pranav Vaidya, Inka Schomer |

Inspired by the South Asia WePOWER network, Kinley Wangmo is working to create awareness and encourage women to participate in STEM subjects and pursue a career in the energy sector in Bhutan.

Yukari Shibuya |

Last month we reported that remote-sensed nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emissions fell sharply for nine major cities across the world amid lockdowns related to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Javier E. Baez, Varun Kshirsagar, Emmanuel Skoufias |

Fertilizer prices declined by 8.5% in May 2020 as lower input costs and weak seasonal demand outweighed the gradual easing of supply bottlenecks. Prices were relatively resilient during the early…

John Baffes, Wee Chian Koh |

A renewable energy project in Vietnam is proving that World Bank support, when coupled with results-based climate finance, can help strengthen the confidence of private investors, mobilize…

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As the biggest employer in Serbia, changes in EPS could spark change in other companies across the country, and other utilities across the region, thus leading to improved working conditions and…

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As economists and development practitioners increasingly use satellite data to guide and evaluate development interventions, we can sometimes neglect lessons learned from related disciplines. Data…

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What are the lessons from recent years of rapid progress in clean energy that could help shape recovery packages?

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