Currently, only 3.3% of transport is powered by renewable sources. How can the transport and energy sectors coordinate more effectively to reduce emissions and protect the climate?

Jennifer Okaima Piette, Clotilde Rossi di Schio |

Vietnam is dealing with the increased production, consumption, and disposal of plastics that has come with the new wealth. Unmitigated plastic litter continues to make its way into its vast marine…

Carolyn Turk |

As the threat of climate change and rising sea levels looms large, proper planning and management of the Bangladesh delta is critical to the country’s economic growth and development.

John Roome |

The World Bank’s recently launched Oceans for Prosperity report argues that the earlier mentioned challenges could be addressed with a sustainable ocean economy, or a blue economy.

Satu Kahkonen |

Peru and Ecuador living examples of the profound connection between us humans and the marine world from cultural, economic, and livelihood perspectives. For both nations, the ocean offers food,…

José Rehbein, Jorge Barbosa, Gabriela Encalada |

While China's vehicle fleet is growing rapidly, there is hope that the rise of electric mobility might help limit the environmental impact. But will that be enough?

Jung Eun “Jen” Oh |

We depend on our ocean for the future of life on earth, and our ocean depends on us to heal the harm we have inflicted on Mother Earth.

Craig Foster, Dr. Jane Goodall, Shweta Khare Naik, Pawan Patil |

On World Environment Day, let’s continue to move forward in fresh, new ways with the help of our partners and our passionate youth to tackle plastic pollution.

Mercy Tembon |

Indonesia’s ecosystems have the potential to support the country’s economic growth, sustain livelihoods for millions of people and mitigate climate change. This huge potential sometimes also…

André Rodrigues de Aquino, Anna Henttinen |