Nepal’s government made a progressive change to its forest policy and transferred user rights for a large part of its forests to local communities. Today, 34% of Nepal’s forests are managed by…

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With support from the PROGREEN Partnership for Sustainable and Resilient Landscapes, the World Bank is piloting a “Climate Resilience” tool for tree planting projects.

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We depend on our ocean for the future of life on earth, and our ocean depends on us to heal the harm we have inflicted on Mother Earth.

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Indonesia’s ecosystems have the potential to support the country’s economic growth, sustain livelihoods for millions of people and mitigate climate change. This huge potential sometimes also…

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What if development practitioners, city planners, community organizers, and other decision makers could build more resilient systems to help people thrive in a sustainable way? What if projects…

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South Asia is one of the most vulnerable regions to climate change and loss of biodiversity. In 2021, the world needs to hear a united voice from South Asia at the multilateral conferences in…

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As we celebrate the International Earth Day, the challenges of climate change are foremost on our minds. What does climate change mean for Latin America and Caribbean (LAC)?

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A new report shows how fiscal reforms can positively influence forest conservation and ecosystem health as part of the climate and sustainable development policy mix.

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