As economic inclusion programs move to scale, the timely learning from the cost analysis tools can be used to optimize program costs.

Boban Varghese Paul, Sarang Chaudhary, Puja Vasudeva Dutta |

While new housing & construction technologies can help cut waste and reduce GHG emissions, they are unlikely to make a dent in the global housing crisis, unless accompanied by four key changes…

Luis Triveno, Olivia Nielsen |

In recognition of the important role that remittances play as an enabler of economic growth and prosperity, the World Bank commissioned weekly pulse surveys and pricing analysis to monitor the…

Oya Ardic, Edlira Dashi, Hemant Baijal, Harish Natarajan |

Findings based on US data confirm that “treating” banks with stress tests can affect their risk.

Christoffer Kok, Carola Müller, Steven Ongena, Cosimo Pancaro |

COVID-19 has accelerated the pace of digital adoption and infrastructure development. To truly deliver on its transformational promise, infrastructure investment must be based on a foundation of…

Morgan Landy, Boutheina Guermazi |

Will the tide of Malaysia’s rising national income, uplift the livelihoods of all its citizens equitably?

Kenneth Simler, Shakira Teh Sharifuddin, Zainab Ali Ahmad |