According to a report by the South Africa Commission for Gender Equality, the country has approximately 91,000 under-aged children who have been married, divorced, separated or living with a…

Dimpho Lekgeu |

Increasing female economic participation and improving women’s access to good quality jobs are focus areas of the World Bank Group Gender Strategy. However, lack of sex-disaggregated data remains…

Pamela Baldinger, Pranav Vaidya, Inka Schomer |

Inspired by the South Asia WePOWER network, Kinley Wangmo is working to create awareness and encourage women to participate in STEM subjects and pursue a career in the energy sector in Bhutan.

Yukari Shibuya |

How can we connect women in fragile settings to the digital economy—and the countless job opportunities that come with it?

Danielle Robinson, Aisha Sani, Zainab Rahima Aminu |

To end child marriage in Sierra Leone, I propose two approaches, each working sensibly and exponentially to bring a complete stop to this issue.

Samantha Marie-Louise Oakes-Howson |

In Nigeria, an estimated 44% of girls in Nigeria are married before their 18th birthday and the country, also, records the 11th highest rate of child marriage (UNICEF 2013).

Ebuka Mathias Itumoh |

Increasing access to education and changing the mindset can end child marriage in Somalia.

Bahja Ali Mohamud |

Rural roads are conceived primarily for cars and trucks, yet most residents in developing countries do not have access to motorized transport. How can we change this and design roads that work all…

Ramon Munoz-Raskin, Karla Dominguez Gonzalez |

The image of Africa as a continent that has suffered from high mortality and birth rates for decades— driven partly by child marriage justified in beliefs, taboos, culture, and religion—is not a…

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Like many celebrations, Father's Day can be an enormously commercial holiday. Companies create heart-warming advertisements to market their products, ultimately hoping to drive a spike in…

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