The case study method is a valuable training tool for mid-career professionals. However, its adoption in the public sector in developing countries is lagging. Why is this the case and what can…

Zubair Bhatti, Leylac Naqvi |

Supreme Audit Institutions everywhere are facing unique challenges everywhere due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These challenges are amplified in fragile, conflict and violence (FCV) contexts.

Mona El-Chami, David Goldsworthy |

While thinking about COVID-19 recovery, sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) can help us reach a more sustainable and equitable future if combined with the ethos of environment, social and governance (…

Kesavan Srinivasan, Srinivas Gurazada |

As the ‘Great Lockdown’ emerged from the global COVID-19 pandemic, Pakistan is not immune to the economic shock caused by the coronavirus, and its exports have been hit hard.

Gonzalo Varela |

The current crisis provides an opportune moment to rework revenue strategies to be more digitally driven.

Marcello Estevão |

While many private companies have fully embraced digital technology, adoption in the public sector has been slower. As we prepare for the "new normal," how can we help governments catch…

Samia Melhem, Maryam Lawal, Sajitha Bashir |

Improving revenue administration could play in strengthening domestic resource mobilization while supporting sustainable forest management.

Amanda Robbins, Emily Kallaur |

The redistributive impact of fiscal policy indicator: A new global standard for assessing government effectiveness in tackling inequality within the SDG framework

Nora Lustig, Chiara Mariotti, Carolina Sánchez-Páramo |

According to a Pan American Health Organization assessment, nearly seven out of 10 hospitals in Latin America and the Caribbean are in areas vulnerable to natural hazards.

Mirtha Escobar, Joaquin Toro, Jack Campbell |

Even with policy support, the economic repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic are expected to be long-lasting.

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