Moving from ambition to action toward a greener financial system by supporting client countries as they create an enabling environment to mobilize green finance and manage climate-related and…

Jean Pesme |

A new collaboration between the World Bank and Education 4.0 will facilitate partnerships between the public and private sector and foster collaboration between international and regional…

Keiko Miwa, Andreas Blom |

On this World Information Society Day, Georgia has embarked on an important journey to bring more of its citizens online. The Government’s Open Net program, which seeks to connect about 1,000…

Siddhartha Raja, Himmat Singh Sandhu |

Helping debtors anticipate financial distress: Could Emerging and Developing economies borrow from the French and the U.S. toolbox?

Andrés F. Martínez, Jean Pierre Brun, Chiara Lunetti |

Will the tide of Malaysia’s rising national income, uplift the livelihoods of all its citizens equitably?

Kenneth Simler, Shakira Teh Sharifuddin, Zainab Ali Ahmad |

COVID-19 had underscored how fragmented Sri Lanka’s domestic supply chains were—particularly those related to agricultural products—leading to inefficiencies throughout the logistics sector.

Winnie Wang |

For people in the developed world, a mortgage is a step toward owning a home. In developing countries, that dream is often elusive—especially for women.

Georgina Baker |

The COVID-19 pandemic created a huge crisis, but also an opportunity for MENA countries to build more adaptive, resilient, inclusive social protection systems. There are many lessons to draw from…

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