Since the early 1990s, developing countries have experienced a coincidence of rising exports – especially those related to global value chains (GVCs) – and improved labor market outcomes.

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If you paid some of the highest electricity tariffs in the world, you would expect some of the most reliable electricity services. Unfortunately, this logic does not hold in West Africa, where…

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Most MNEs are still operating below pre-pandemic capacity, indicating a prolonged and uncertain recovery as the world moves out of the pandemic and toward a “new normal”.

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Trade can spur growth, job creation, and poverty reduction, and is thus necessary to sustain the post-pandemic recovery.

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Eastern Waterways Grid has the potential to rejuvenate the economies of the eastern subcontinent, generating rich dividends for the South Asia region’s 600 million people.

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Recently, policy makers have taken a deep interest in global value chains (GVCs), with a view to making them more resilient and robust in most countries’ post-pandemic recovery plans.

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Recent supply chain disruptions and shortages have driven several national projects to reevaluate global value chains (GVCs) with a view to reducing vulnerabilities to national security.

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Good Neighbours series spotlights successful examples of regional cooperation in South Asia and demonstrates how people-to-people activities advance regionalism. Research guides this World Bank’s…

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As the world strives to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of trade will be more critical than ever to growth, job creation and poverty reduction.

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