Currently, only 3.3% of transport is powered by renewable sources. How can the transport and energy sectors coordinate more effectively to reduce emissions and protect the climate?

Jennifer Okaima Piette, Clotilde Rossi di Schio |

While China's vehicle fleet is growing rapidly, there is hope that the rise of electric mobility might help limit the environmental impact. But will that be enough?

Jung Eun “Jen” Oh |

On World Environment Day, let’s continue to move forward in fresh, new ways with the help of our partners and our passionate youth to tackle plastic pollution.

Mercy Tembon |

Changing the way we move can help address many of today's most pressing challenges, from climate to disaster resilience and social inclusion. So, how do we get there?

Nancy Vandycke |

Mr Alex Kakooza is the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) in Uganda. His role is to ensure that resources for education are made available to all districts across…

Joanna Juzon, Julia Liberman |

On this World Information Society Day, Georgia has embarked on an important journey to bring more of its citizens online. The Government’s Open Net program, which seeks to connect about 1,000…

Siddhartha Raja, Himmat Singh Sandhu |

A new IFC report analyzes how cities can allocate their resources to ensure a cleaner living environment for their residents, create jobs, and lay the foundation for a robust local economy. 

Lisa Da Silva, Elleanor Robins |

Road infrastructure is vulnerable to geohazards. Imagine you’re driving on a single lane rural road in Himalayas where you have a steep hill on your left and deep cliff on your right. It’s raining…

Akiko Toya, Masatsugu Takamatsu |

Having endured cyclical crises spanning three decades, Somalia is both a fragile state and a resilient society. For decades, people have been organizing themselves and helping address crises on…

Makiko Watanabe, Olivia D'Aoust |

The Flood Risk Management Support Project for the City of Buenos Aires, with support from the World Bank, has been successful in enhancing positive impacts by incorporating Nature-based Solutions…

Catalina Ramirez, Klaas de Groot |