The Mediterranean Sea has long been a lifeline for the almost 2 million people who live in the Gaza Strip. Fishing is a vital source of employment for more than 100,000 people.

Sachiko Kondo, Marcelo Acerbi, Lia Sieghart |

Restrictions to local and international mobility following the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak are causing disruptions all along the food chain in Guatemala.

Camila De Ferrari Piazza, Viviana Perego, Katie Kennedy Freeman |

With so many people falling ill from COVID-19, unhealthy diets are contributing to pre-existing conditions that put them more at risk.

Muhammad Ali Pate, Martien van Nieuwkoop |

As we address pandemic-related food security in the region, this is a good time to revisit important lessons learned from the South Asia Food and Nutrition Security Initiative.

Cecile Fruman, Yinan Zhang |

Amid much terrible news tied to COVID-19 comes one positive forecast: world agricultural commodity prices are stable and are expected to remain so in 2020, as production levels and stocks of most…

Mari Elka Pangestu |

What do the empty shelves mean? And what can we learn from the past –and from each other– to keep food moving in a time of fear and confusion caused by the coronavirus?

Juergen Voegele |

How water impacts early childhood nutrition: An integrated water and nutrition framework

Ede Ijjasz-Vasquez, Claire Chase |

The farming sector is under considerable pressure: by 2050, the planet will need to produce nearly 70% more food than it did in 2009. Paradoxically, going small could be the answer, with nano-…

Ina Ajazi, Julian Lampietti |

Malnutrition is a major public health issue in India. It affects children’s chances of survival, increases their susceptibility to illness, reduces their ability to learn, and makes them less…

Suresh Kunhi Mohammed, Abeyah Alomair |