Fiscal discipline is again in the spotlight as countries debate how to best respond to the current COVID-19 crisis. Throughout the pandemic, many governments have relied on debt to support…

Javier Pérez Estrada, Bernardo Morais, José-Luis Peydró, Claudia Ruiz |

Well-functioning and liquid domestic debt markets provide a stable source of funding during normal times and a buffer during times of crisis.

Zsolt Bango, Diego Rivetti |

Policy Research Working Paper series publication roundup for the weeks of March 29 and April 5

Policy Research Working Paper team |

World Bank Group President David Malpass summarizes some of the events he had a chance to attend or speak at during the 2021 Spring Meetings.

David Malpass |

In this column, we review some of the features of past episodes of default and restructuring of sovereign external debts with a focus on the 1980s and the 1930s.

Clemens Graf von Luckner, Josefin Meyer, Carmen Reinhart, Christoph Trebesch |

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed about 120 million people into extreme poverty over the last year in mostly low- and middle-income countries, according to estimates by World Bank researchers.

Kay Atanda, Alexandru Cojocaru |

Financial institutions around the globe are facing a marked rise in nonperforming loans. COVID-19 is also a regressive crisis, disproportionally hitting low-income households and smaller firms…

Carmen Reinhart |

Together with World Bank Group and IMF leadership and top experts, this year’s speakers include leaders from government, business, international organizations, and civil society.

Bassam Sebti |

The number of low-income countries eligible for debt-service relief has doubled in the last decade. Here’s how to help them.

Carmen Reinhart, Ceyla Pazarbasioglu |