As one of Afghanistan's major development partners, the World Bank remains committed to helping the country in the fight against COVID-19, and stand by the Afghan people, who remain resilient…

Henry G. Kerali |

Preventing water-related conflicts can save lives and is good for the economy. Clarity about programming and measuring impact is needed to unlock more investment in conflict prevention and to do…

Joyce Kortlandt, Julia Karlysheva, Mara Tignino, Caroline Pellaton |

We’ve picked just one piece from each of the series we’ve been running this year – there are blogs, videos, interviews and podcasts of different durations.

Jasmin Buttar |

In 2016, the Government of Jordan, in partnership with the international community, has committed to tackling the challenge of improving the living conditions, prospects and resilience of both…

Meriem Ait Ali Slimane, Fiona Allen, Maha Kattaa, Patrick Daru |

Latest Afghanistan Development Update surveys the economic impacts of the pandemic finds that Afghanistan’s economy is set to contract by at least 5.5 percent in 2020.

Tobias Haque |

In Northern Nigeria, the Click-On-Kaduna program gave youth the skills and guidance they need to compete in the global digital economy.

Danielle Robinson, Aisha Sani, Zainab Rahima Aminu |

The 500 million people living in extreme poverty in IDA countries remain at the center of IDA action. This is how.

Samuel Munzele Maimbo |

A well-regulated construction sector plays an important role in economic development. By building infrastructure and productive facilities, it contributes to national socio-economic development,…

Kamal Chakaroun, Jayashree Srinivasan |

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed and exacerbated many existing social inequalities the world over. Gender inequality -- layered along with the effects of the pandemic, lockdowns and the…

Caren Grown, Franck Bousquet |

Even in the absence of a pandemic, refugees who are forced to move due to conflict, persecution, environmental disasters and poverty - or a combination of these factors - face innumerable…

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