Some 70 percent of formal women-owned SMEs in developing countries report being shut out by financial institutions or unable to receive financial services on adequate terms to meet their needs,…

Aletheia Amalia Donald |

Tax authorities have a role to play in helping SMEs weather the COVID-19 crisis

Muqiao Zhang, Tamar Matiashvili |

Corruption continues to be a serious impediment to progress and fairness in many countries but there are things that can be done about it and, yes, in many countries, this is making a difference.…

Jim Anderson |

A new guide aims to empower financial sector supervisors to understand SupTech solutions and provide practical information on how to implement them.

Matei Dohotaru, Sharmista Appaya |

The expansion of cross-border banking groups presents a complex set of challenges for regulators in the home and host jurisdictions; institutional capacity is a key constraint in practice for all…

Erik Feyen, Norbert Fiess, Ata Can Bertay, Igor Zuccardi |

Given that we appear to have reached a ’middling’ C+ PEFA rating for PFM performance across the world, can we continue to see further improvement – and how is this prospect affected by the massive…

Verena Fritz, Marijn Verhoeven, Stephanie Sweet, Parker Essick |

Malaysia’s bond market, with a size of roughly 98 percent of GDP, stands as a key driver of growth for the country.

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