Through 21 spatial layers, the World Bank's GEEST tool evaluates women's access to employment opportunities by contextualizing and enhancing our understanding of gender dynamics in the…

Clara Ivanescu, Carolina Mayen Huerta, Anna Tabitha Bonfert |

Industrial policies, government efforts to modify economic activity across sectors, face a critical initial question: Which sectors do you want to grow?

Tristan Reed |

Technical education offers a powerful educational alternative as it can provide practical knowledge in a short time and link students with the productive sector more easily, thus contributing to…

Maria Laura Sanchez Puerta, Catalina Castillo, Helena Rovner |

A confluence of factors has propelled the advancement of women's economic empowerment, creating opportunities around the world. Despite improvements in societal attitudes and policies in…

Clara Ivanescu, Carolina Mayen Huerta |

A new IFC report, Building Green: Embracing Sustainable Construction in Emerging Markets, estimates that global buildings and construction-related emissions could drop 23 percent by 2035 compared…

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More than one in 10 workers globally is an online gig worker, and more than three-quarters of the platforms these workers use are regional and local.

Namita Datta, Catalina Rodriguez Tapia, Nadina Iacob, Eliana Bracciaforte, Oliver Azuara |

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Rapid increase in defaults poses a threat to financial stability of the two economies. From a social standpoint, excessive debt can decrease households’ disposable…

Fernando Dancausa, Martin Melecky |

Evidence on the link between international trade and women’s employment is limited to developed countries or to a handful of developing countries.

Mamadou Yaya Diallo, Asif Islam, Mohammad Amin |

Like many of its neighbors, Benin is experiencing growing threats of conflict. The country’s proximity to Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria, and Mali—all experiencing violent extremism—makes it…

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Countries worldwide are racing to harness AI to make their industries more competitive in export markets and discover new areas of comparative advantage.

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