On October 17th, the world commemorates International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. This year, I have been reflecting on what eradicating poverty means for Azerbaijan.

Sarah G. Michael |

Hello, my dear little country. I write to you at a time when you have been battered by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) health crisis, which will certainly lead to a setback in terms of the development…

Elsa Marina Syvine |

The dividends associated with the rapid digitalization of the Vietnamese economy are highly dependent on whether the labor market can adapt.

Jacques Morisset |

How active labor market programs can support guaranteed minimum income recipients

Stefanie Brodmann, Polly Jones, Ioanna Pantelaiou |

To help put the relevant data at the fingertips of officials, we worked with the government of Colombia to integrate over two dozen datasets with measures of health and economy activity under the…

Santiago De la Cadena Becerra, Jeremy Veillard, Gabriel Demombynes |

How can we generate more good jobs in developing countries?

Dani Rodrik |

These challenges underline the importance of effective active labor market programs (ALMPs). A recent ALMP model in Greece showed promising results, with pilot participants being twice as likely…

Stefanie Brodmann, Polly Jones, Ioanna Pantelaiou |

Labor is the main asset for the world’s poorest people. This means that the labor market is the primary vehicle through which the proceeds of economic growth are spread to households and…

Christina Jenq, Jonathan Lain, Tara Vishwanath |