As one of Afghanistan's major development partners, the World Bank remains committed to helping the country in the fight against COVID-19, and stand by the Afghan people, who remain resilient…

Henry G. Kerali |

At the start of this year, most universities in Bangladesh lacked basic learning management systems and digital infrastructure. Now the country has risen to the challenge making all teaching and…

Mokhlesur Rahman, Mustahsin-ul-Aziz , Shazia Omar Ahmed |

According to the World Bank’s latest economic update titled “What will be the new normal for Vietnam: the economic impact of COVID-19,” Vietnam is nonetheless in a good position to escape the…

Jacques Morisset |

We’ve picked just one piece from each of the series we’ve been running this year – there are blogs, videos, interviews and podcasts of different durations.

Jasmin Buttar |

The time to act is now, for Pakistan to take its place with the countries that have transformed within a single generation.

Illango Patchamuthu |

It has been nearly two decades since the publication by Elbers, Lanjouw, and Lanjouw, and their “ELL” method still remains one of the most applied poverty mapping approaches.

Paul Corral, Isabel Molina, Minh Cong Nguyen |

Within the next six months, 55 countries across Africa are set to establish one of the largest free trade areas in the world: the African Continental Free Trade Area. The continent is emerging as…

Maryla Maliszewska, Michele Ruta |

As the geography of the outbreak continues to shift, new hot spots are emerging in developing countries – including in Latin America and South Asia as well as worrying trends in parts of Africa.…

Axel van Trotsenburg |

Latest Afghanistan Development Update surveys the economic impacts of the pandemic finds that Afghanistan’s economy is set to contract by at least 5.5 percent in 2020.

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