Partnerships provide a strategy and offer a platform to marshal the necessary resources, skills and ideas. In development, partnerships are vital to end poverty and boost shared prosperity across…

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PDAMs in Indonesia could start by establishing a better understanding of the localized risk. When planning and designing any water supply infrastructure, our starting point is based on a multi-…

Irma Magdalena Setiono, Jian Vun, Muhammad Halik Rizki, Devan Kreisberg |

An approach known as ‘Baby WASH’ aims to address childhood stunting and hygiene risks by encouraging food hygiene, clean play spaces, control of animal feces, and child handwashing.

Claire Chase, Simi Mishra |

Traveling in the Sahel region, I have seen how conflict, poverty, natural disasters, and climate change are reversing the region's development path and magnifying people's mass…

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Slum-dwellers in the city of Chattogram, Bangladesh, no longer have to queue up to collect water and spend $2.36 for 1,000 liters. Ever since some 40 water taps were installed in a single slum,…

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The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have dramatically increased food insecurity in the poorest and most vulnerable countries.

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A visit to the Western province of Zambia is never complete without having a taste of their local ‘mongu fish’. However, the increasing climate variability in the region has resulted in reduced…

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Talangama, like other wetlands around Colombo city, is threatened by the pressures of urbanization. But the community have taken it upon themselves to safeguard the lake and its surroundings.

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When disasters strike, what options do African countries have? How prepared are people to tackle growing climate, weather and water risks—with more hostile climate environments, limited access to…

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Sri Lanka is pioneering an integrated land management approach to restore its natural resources and create new rural jobs in farming, forestry, nature-based tourism, and transport.

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