It is imperative that regulators and policymakers use this extra time to shore up insolvency systems to ensure business failures are resolved fairly and quickly, so that resources can be restored…

Jean Pesme |

Sustainable investing strategies allow investors to both protect the financial value of their assets and contribute to solutions to global problems such as climate change. The market for ‘green…

Fiona Stewart |

The rapidly growing availability of geospatial data paves the way for better evaluation of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance and ultimately, better informed ESG investing.

Dieter Wang, Bryan Gurhy, David Patterson |

Sustainability-linked bonds (SLBs) are growing fast in the corporate debt market and are now being considered for sovereign issuers.

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Given the established role that SMEs play in job creation and growth, it makes sense that governments around the world try everything they can to support SMEs and help them overcome some of their…

Morten Seja, Komal Mohindra |

Governments around the world must address the confusion that results from having multiple disconnected databases and identifiers on registered businesses with little-to-no communication between…

Goran Vranic, Andreja Marusic |

While the number of Nigerians who own a bank account has been steadily increasing, a new study on trends in access to financial services in Nigeria shows that many gaps remain.

Maarten Froeling, Angela Garcia |

A framework in which deposit insurers and bank resolution authorities could take initial steps to achieve climate resilient financial safety nets.

Pietro Calice, Danilo Palermo |

Fifteen years later, four sovereign catastrophe risk pools are up and running, protecting about 40 low- and middle-income countries. Since early inception, those sovereign pools have been…

Francis Ghesquiere, Olivier Mahul |

National Development Financial Institutions (NDFIs), or state-owned banks with specific development goals, are receiving renewed interest as a policy tool for rapid action in countercyclical…

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