Energy prices declined 8.2% in November, led by coal (-12.9%) and oil (-8.7%), the World Bank's Pink Sheet reported. Non-energy prices were up by 1.7%.

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After the devastating 2018 floods, Kerala embarked on several data solutions in partnership with the World Bank: an action plan based on a rapid diagnostic of data governance, emphasizing…

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Data interoperability is another one of the six international Open Data Charter principles which we encourage governments to adopt when they launch their journey toward open data.

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November 19 is the World Toilet Day highlighting the importance of toilets for health, hygiene, and safety. Open defecation poses a serious risk to public health as it can contaminate sources of…

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Save the Children’s Child Atlas seeks to fill this gap by providing an easy-to-use tool that brings together high-quality, publicly available data on spanning child-related outcomes, risks and…

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“From Drought to Floods: The Impact on Labor in the Coastal Zones of Uruguay, from East to West,” our data project tackling and explaining these issues, was awarded the data visualization prize at…

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The Global Partnership held a data visualization contest, supported by the World Bank, in September for anyone interested in displaying data from the World Bank or other government data sets to…

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Official development assistance (ODA) and partnerships are crucial for the world to succeed in delivering opportunities for lower-to-middle income countries. That is what SDG 17 stands for: a…

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Energy prices eased 1.8% in October, led by coal (-12.5%) and oil (-3.4%), the World Bank's Pink Sheet reported. Non-energy prices were down by 1.6%.

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SDG 16 highlights the importance of peace, security, access to justice and strong institutions as key elements for countries to grow, develop and succeed in achieving sustainable development.

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