Even in the most challenging places, investment and growth are possible. And of all the places most in need of development, the Sahel must sit near the top of the list.

Aliou Maiga |

Coastal erosion is threatening homes and livelihoods in Togo. Photo by: Eric Kaglan, World Bank  Togolese families often place talismans, thought to contain magical or spiritual properties,…

Dahlia Lotayef |

As international donors gather this week in Brussels to mobilize resources for Guinea-Bissau, the government and people of this West African nation appear ready for a fresh start.

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Three quarters of a century since the opening of the first McDonald’s, the fast food chain operates around 34, 000 outfits in around 120 countries and territories across all continents. In Sub-…

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Mon ami, l’économiste togolais Kako Nubukpo, avec qui j’ai eu l’occasion de débattre lors d’un de mes voyages à Lomé, a fait part de son analyse sur le bilan des quinze années d’existence de l’…

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