Kazakhstan. Photo: Kubat Sydykov / World Bank How large is the share of public procurement to GDP in middle-income and low-income countries and how it is evolving? If sizable, can public…

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The invitation for new SAFE Trust Fund applications is now open until 7 March 2016What is SAFE?

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A female farmer near Santander, Colombia. Photo: © Charlotte Kesl / World Bank Proposed Sustainable Development Goal 16: “Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development,…

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The SAFE Trust Fund application (Word document) is now open until 27 February 2015.  What is SAFE?   SAFE means Strengthening Accountability and the Fiduciary Environment. It is a Trust Fund group…

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Informed decision-making is crucial to the success of policies and reforms that foster growth and prosperity. So, how can we help decision makers make better decisions?

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