In the past few weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has shuttered schools in more than 160 countries, leaving more than 1.5 billion children – and 75% of enrolled students – out of school. This has sent…

Alaka Holla, Cristobal Cobo |

This week's links include a virtual seminar series, a review piece on historic roots of development, a new funding call from SIEF, and more...

David McKenzie |

Impact evaluations in the time of Covid-19, Part 1

Markus Goldstein, Florence Kondylis |

This week's links has plenty of non-Covid-19 content, as well as a link to a round up of how social protections programs are being used to respond to Covid-19

David McKenzie |

What can low-income countries do to provide relief for the poor and the vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Berk Özler |

As we have seen from previous health emergencies, most recently the Ebola outbreaks, the impact on education is likely to be most devastating in countries with already low learning outcomes, high…

Kaliope Azzi-Huck, Tigran Shmis |

I review the new book "The Power of Experiments: Decision-making in a Data Driven World" by Michael Luca and Max Bazerman

David McKenzie |

Gotcha!? Tips and tricks for the economics seminar

Florence Kondylis, John Loeser |

An educated girl will be able to access better health services, to later in life attain better jobs and earn higher income.

Jaime Saavedra, Maria Barron |

Girls’ education, gender equality, and the role of civil society

Quentin Wodon |