Selon l’UNICEF, le mariage précoce ou le mariage d’enfants, est une union où au moins une des personnes n’a pas encore 18 ans. Cela concerne principalement les jeunes filles dans les pays en…

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At IFC, we look to bolster the global coffee supply chain by providing financing solutions and technical support to help coffee farmers improve their productivity, reduce post-harvest losses, and…

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Although early marriage is a deeply rooted problem in Guinea, it can be overcome.

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En Guinée le mal est profond, mais les mariages précoces ne sont pas invincibles.

Diariatou Diallo |

Sub-Saharan Africa has one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world. Nearly four in 10 girls marry each year before their 18th birthday, many of them becoming mothers at a young age.…

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L'Afrique subsaharienne est la région du monde où la prévalence des mariages d’enfants est la plus élevée : près de quatre filles sur dix se marient avant leur 18e anniversaire et nombre d…

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A África Subsaariana tem uma das mais elevadas taxa de casamentos infantis do mundo. Quase quatro em cada 10 raparigas casam todos anos antes de completarem 18 anos, e muitas delas são mães numa…

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To maximize impact, the development sector needs to focus on using its resources to encourage the private sector to operate in a way that considers people, profits and the planet.

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Africa’s food systems are in the throes of a climate crisis. We urgently need to adapt Africa’s agriculture and food system to climate change. And we need to act now.

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In a world of climate change and headline-grabbing cyclones, El Niño is one of the most unspoken climate risks in East Asia and the Pacific.

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