With the coronavirus forcing school closures and bans on group gatherings, many solutions and measures are being introduced for the exams that students have been preparing to take.

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Educators are taking remarkable actions to support over 1.5 billion learners in over 160 countries whose schools have closed.

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We are living amidst what is potentially one of the greatest threats in our lifetime to global education, a gigantic educational crisis. As of March 28, 2020, the COVID 19 pandemic is causing more…

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In the past few weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has shuttered schools in more than 160 countries, leaving more than 1.5 billion children – and 75% of enrolled students – out of school. This has sent…

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As we have seen from previous health emergencies, most recently the Ebola outbreaks, the impact on education is likely to be most devastating in countries with already low learning outcomes, high…

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An educated girl will be able to access better health services, to later in life attain better jobs and earn higher income.

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Girls’ education, gender equality, and the role of civil society

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Our school systems are not keeping up. Neither in terms of numbers nor in quality. More schooling is necessary, but at high levels, and with higher levels of quality – in terms of what students…

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Many of us have memories of studying for a high-stakes examination that would determine whether we graduated from school or got into the university or course of our choice. Depending on how we did…

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