Our research from Ghana shows that in-kind transfers through utilities allow governments without direct, established financial relationships with their citizens to quickly and broadly provide aid…

Susanna Berkouwer, Pierre Biscaye, Geetika Pandya, Steve Puller |

Learn more about the link between gender equality, Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities, landscapes, and climate change.

Christian Peter, Ezgi Canpolat, Meerim Shakirova |

This blog is a biweekly feature highlighting recent working papers from around the World Bank Group. It introduces six papers published from April 16 to April 30 on various topics, including…

Marcelo Buitron, Policy Research Working Paper team |

Better road infrastructure can foster a better integration between the main coastal economies in West Africa.

Mathilde Lebrand |

PPPs offer natural resource-rich nations the potential to leapfrog toward sustainable technologies and green development. In Ghana, legal frameworks allow a defined PPP structure between the…

Camille Rebelo |

How does asking additional questions reduce the quality of data that surveys gather? New work from Northern Ghana shows us that this is significant and economically meaningful, with more extreme…

Markus Goldstein |

It is March 2030, 10 years since the global COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic was first confirmed in Ghana

Timothy Dziedzom Amaglo-Mensah |

If you paid some of the highest electricity tariffs in the world, you would expect some of the most reliable electricity services. Unfortunately, this logic does not hold in West Africa, where…

Mustafa Zakir Hussain |

Today, on the occasion of the World Youth Skills Day , we are pleased to announce the winners of the Blog4Dev 2021 competition.

Hafez Ghanem, Ousmane Diagana |

Price incentives and technology improvements have helped make clean cookstoves easier to own and operate, but purely economic and technological interventions often do not consider the complex…

Jonathan Coony, Joana Sousa Lourenco, Samantha De Martino |