Cities play a pivotal role in the fight against climate change from at least three key perspectives. First, cities are engines of socio-economic growth. Being home to more than half of today’s…

Grzegorz Aleksander Wolszczak, Dinara Muldabayeva, Ellen Hamilton |

Digital public infrastructure can enable essential society-wide functions and services such as identification, payments, and data exchange.

Vyjayanti T Desai, Jonathan Marskell, Georgina Marin, Minita Varghese |

On the International Day of Education, a study from Poland shows that 26 weeks of school closures led to learning loss equal to more than one academic year. 

Harry A. Patrinos, Tomasz Gajderowicz, Maciej Jakubowski |

Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions depends on carbon-neutral energy production, and coal is the most emission-intensive energy source.

Luc Christiaensen, Céline Ferré, Tomasz Gajderowicz |

This blog is a biweekly feature highlighting recent working papers from around the World Bank Group. It introduces 4 papers published from December 1-15 on various topics, including the impact of…

Marcelo Buitron, Policy Research Working Paper team |

Lack of data is one of the most pressing challenges to making progress on preventing and combating GBV through evidence-based policies in Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, and Romania.

Gallina Andronova Vincelette, Valerie Morrica, Chifundo Chilera |

Learn more about the potential of the sovereign green, social and sustainability bond market to mobilize private capital.

Farah Imrana Hussain, Helena Dill, Banu Turhan Kayaalp |

The transition away from coal offers the prospect of repurposing post-mining land—fueling both economic opportunities and clean energy.

Wolfhart Pohl |

Find out how the World Bank is helping Poland improve air quality and energy efficiency by taking into consideration homeowners' attitudes when facing the need to invest in energy efficiently…

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