Building digital public infrastructure, harmonizing legal and regulatory frameworks, and investing in regional financing for digital infrastructure can help unlock Africa's digital potential…

Ida Mboob |

The substantial infrastructure needs in Sub-Saharan Africa cannot be met without sizeable private-sector financing. Anecdotal evidence from a recent IFC study shows improved regulatory frameworks…

Zivanemoyo Chinzara, Sebastien Dessus, Stephan Dreyhaupt |

As climate change diminishes the availability of surface water in Africa, groundwater has emerged as a vital untapped resource. But in the Sahel, a global hotspot for climate change and one of the…

François Bertone, Mariam Sou |

In April 20202, Action Against Hunger published a report presenting a set of measures designed to mitigate the impacts of the upcoming food crisis. The report started with a statement that is…

Stephanie Brunelin, Jonathan Lain |

In this blog, we highlight two projects that leveraged data-driven policymaking processes and simulations.

Kerina Wang, KCP Program Management Unit (KCP PMU) |

Senegal is a country with great potential: it has a young and dynamic population, natural resources, and a strategic location at the western tip of Africa. To harness this potential and unleash…

Meriem Ait Ali Slimane, Laurent Gonnet |

“Digital Senegal for Inclusive Growth: Technological Transformation for Better and More Jobs” presents new data on enterprises and households adopting and using digital technologies. Senegal is…

Mark Dutz, Marcio Cruz, Carlos Rodríguez Castelán |

The challenges of repetition and dropout in primary school: quality early childhood education (ECE) in Senegal

Ibrahima Samba, Abdallah Sow, François Faye, Mamadou Soumbounou, Sidy Bâ, Ablaye DIA |

Better road infrastructure can foster a better integration between the main coastal economies in West Africa.

Mathilde Lebrand |

Following his recent travels, World Bank Group President David Malpass shares a short summary of his trip to Senegal and Morocco last week.

David Malpass |