New Zealand’s success story is often told in terms of its lamb, wool, kiwifruit and agricultural exports. But our country’s greatest asset has always been our people who have been equipped to do…

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Issuances from these World Bank Group institutions have long been popular among investors seeking safe, fixed income investment opportunities, and more recently also for their development purpose…

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Transport can play an important role in conflict mitigation and securing peace by connecting at-risk populations, and rebuilding social cohesion by better integrating marginalized communities.

Guangzhe CHEN, Franck Bousquet |

It is undeniable that progress has been made in reducing extreme poverty over the last quarter century—from 36 percent of the world population in 1990 to an estimated 8.6 percent in 2018—and that…

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In the last twenty years, the dynamics of fragility, conflict and crises around the world have become more complex. Violent conflict has become increasingly transnational and protracted. To meet…

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World Bank and UNHCR: Using open data to drive evidence-based responses to support refugees and their hosts

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The increased availability of free and open satellite imagery is opening a world of new possibilities for the agriculture sector in developing countries.

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A vibrant private sector is a powerful driver of jobs and can underpin sustainable economic growth, fueling innovation and poverty reduction.

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In countries affected by fragility, conflict, and violence, the private sector plays a critical role in providing jobs and income. Inclusive and sustainable economic growth can also help heal…

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