Let's reflect on what is still missing for people with disabilities in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the path to continue #BreakingBarriers making the invisible, visible.

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Training for teachers is crucial in a fast-changing world. Learn how Vietnam has successfully rolled out an initiative to help 600,000 teachers stay ahead of the curve.

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According to our recent Fall 2022 Economic Update for ECA, average government spending on social protection response measures, such as wage subsidies or cash transfers, was higher in the emerging…

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Understanding each jurisdiction’s landscape and the key stakeholders is an important first step to assessing whether a CBDC might be an effective option for addressing financial exclusion.

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In 2017, the Government of Vietnam passed a much-needed resolution that embraces a new thinking – “actively living with nature.” With that, the development trajectory of the Mekong Delta has…

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World AIDS Day reminds us that 40 years since the first AIDS cases were reported, HIV remains a public health threat. Today, the world is off track from delivering on the shared global goal to end…

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The World Bank’s Agriculture Raw Material Price Index has declined over the last six months and is currently more than 15% below start-of-the-year levels.

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In 2018, Tropical Cyclone Gita hit Tonga — impacting approximately 80,000 people, or 80 percent of Tonga’s population — and caused widespread damage to infrastructure, housing, livelihoods, and…

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There are unintended negative externalities of latrine construction due to poor treatment of fecal sludge, which can offset the direct health benefits.

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