The global environment is creating increasingly complex challenges. To keep up, development professionals will need more effective ways of building and adapting their skills throughout their…

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The farming sector is under considerable pressure: by 2050, the planet will need to produce nearly 70% more food than it did in 2009. Paradoxically, going small could be the answer, with nano-…

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An interview with with Mauricio Rodas, Former Mayor of Quito, Ecuador (SuM4All in 60 seconds – Episode 5)

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Each previous industrial revolution brought with it new technologies and tools to radically transform society at large, including the way we produce and consume food. But while many in Africa are…

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On January 28, for the first time, the World Bank Group celebrated Data Privacy Day, which commemorates the 1981 signing of the first legally-binding international treaty dealing with privacy and…

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With the successful launch of the Global Roadmap of Action, now comes implementation. On January 15, 2020 SuM4All announced that South Africa will be the first country to pilot the GRA.

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Both governments and development partners need to start thinking proactively about the upsides and downsides of digital data assets.

Jim Brumby, Kai Kaiser |

Data analytics is quickly becoming essential for the World Bank to effectively fight fraud and corruption.

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Grouped under the EdTech label, indicator recently elaborated by the World Bank, technology can have a relevant role in supporting the fight against Learning Poverty.

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How can technology improve existing transport modes and create new ways of moving around? To discuss, we checked in with Mr. Amadou Koné, Côte D’Ivoire’s Minister of Transport.

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